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About my wiki

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The purpose of the repository is to make libraries and librarians aware that knowledge sharing is possible, identify the difficulties and barrier of knowledge sharing and the proposes the methods of overcoming it. It is important for organization such as Cape Peninsula University of Technology to practice knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing is about individuals sharing organizationally relevant information, ideas, suggestions and expertise with one another. There are different ways of sharing information through informal & formal interaction, specifically knowledge sharing in academic libraries, such sharing within communities of practice, knowledge interviews etc. also the technology of making knowledge sharing possible, easy, much faster, e.g blogs, wikis, etc

To make the aware of the importance of sharing knowledge; there are different levels of sharing information, and different ways of sharing information. Knowledge can be shared on different levels, within small groups, across the whole organisation, between individuals,

Can also share knowledge and transfer across the organisation, intranets, and personal home page etc.





 TAXONOMY STRUCTURE.doc Prepared by Mapule Sentleng Dated 24-May2008


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