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Knowledge sharing

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Journal articles  


Document Sources Notes
 Identifying knowledge sharing requirement.pdf

Library Review, Vol. 57


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  Knowledge sharing.pdf

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 Why share Knowledge.pdf Knowledge and processmanagement, Vol.6(2), 91-100 Hendricks, Paul. 1999. Why share knowledge? The influence on the motivation for knowledge sharing



 URL, Wikis, Blogs



Link Additional Information
Knowledge sharing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge_Sharing  
knowledge sharing through face to face http://m08.cgpublisher.com/proposals/233/index_html

Dr. Sergio Salis, Prof. Allan Morgan Williams

Promoting knowledge sharing in the UNFPA http://www.unfpa.org/knowledgesharing/index.htm  
The 3Cs of knowledge sharing http://www.skyrme.com/updates/u64_f1.htm  Skyrme, David J.





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