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Knowledge sharing and culture

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Journal articles


Document Source Additional information
 Cultural influences on knowledge sharing.pdf Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol.10(1): 94-107 Ardichvili, Alexandre ... et.al. 2006. Cultural influences on knowledge sharing through online communites of practice
 Overcoming cultural barriers.pdf  Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol.5 (1): 76-85 McDermott, Richard, O'Dell, Carla. 2001. Overcoming cultural barrier of knowledge sharing.
 Occupational culture as determinants.pdf International Journal of the Sociology of LawVol. 35(96-107
Rune Glomseth, Petter Gottschalk, Hans Solli-Sæther, 2007. Occupational culture as determinant of knowledge sharing and police investigation.
 Predictors of employees perceptions of knowledge sharing cultures.pdf Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 24(5), 294-301

Connelly, Catherine E., Kelloway, Kevin. 2003.

Predictors of employees perceptions of knowledge sharing cultures

 Understanding the role of culture in KS.pdf  KM4D Journal, Vol.2(2):112-115 Gould, Helen. 2006. Understanding the role of culture in knowledge sharing.


 Websites, wikis, blogs



Title Link  Notes
Competitive organisational culture http://www.allacademic.com/meta/p_mla_apa_research_citation/0/1/2/9/4/p12940_index.html  

Creating a knowledge sharing culture


Building a knowledge sharing culture  http://www.knowledgepoint.com.au/intellectual_capital/Articles/IC_JA001.html  


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