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Technical Services Department (CPUT)

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About Technical Services Department:


Technical services is are all the behind-the-scenes duties that keep a library running, whereby all matters that technical related of students, subject library staff, send their problems to us. All this the department are working together, one depend on another.

Technical services have various department: Cataloguing Department, Acquisition, Processing and Periodical Department.


Contact Info

Cape Penninsula University of Technology

Technical Services Department

Tel:(021) 959-6336/6841

Fax: (021) 959-6605 




  • Cataloguing library materials
  • Processing
  • Accessioning
  • Copy Cataloguing
  • Ordering Books


Different departement under Technical Services:


  •  Acquisition Department


Acquisitions is a service-oriented department of the University Library that supports the University’s programs and mission through the expeditious acquisition of library materials, regardless of type or format.

Book Acquisitions is responsible for purchase of all non-serial information for Library stock. This includes all books ranging from undergraduate texts to research monographs, pamphlets, CDs, sheet music, audio tapes, videos, one-off or irregular microforms, CD-ROMs, reprints, access to digitised text, standing orders for series or multi-volume works.


  •  Cataloguging Department


Cataloguing services support the teaching and research prgrammes of the university, by providing and maintaining

access to selcted scholarly information in all formats. The department provides searchable metadata for this information and preserves the physical and intellectual intergrity of the library collection.



  •  Periodical Department


The Periodicals Department deals with newspapers, directories, travel guides, and many numbered series of reports and monographs as well as periodicals (journals, magazines, etc.) as commonly understood.


  • Processing Books


Make sure that the material is physcally processed stamped, spine labeled, covered with plastic, and delivered

to whoever ordered the material / or to the relevent library branch.

















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